Thursday, March 4, 2010

Once in a Bluemoon

Once in a Bluemoon, you might need a private investigator....
Ever needed something definitively confirmed for you? Or wondered if you were right in a suspicion you had? Perhaps someone has suggested “you should get a P.I. onto that!”?

There’s a chance that when you heard the words “P.I.”, you’ve thought of a smoky darkened office, and an interesting, if slightly reprehensible individual sitting at a desk wearing a trench-coat and trilby hat?

Thankfully today there are options outside of the sometimes-dubious one-man-band P.I., including the newly launched Bluemoon Investigations, a professional investigative service provider, based in Dublin with national coverage.

Bluemoon has worked extensively for private corporate entities, gaining experience and technique in a wide-range of situations and tasks. It is with this wealth of knowledge that they have opened to the general public, legal, insurance and commercial / corporate clients. Bluemoon’s team of investigators come from professional backgrounds and have all been trained and accredited in the latest investigative procedures and methods.

The services offered by Bluemoon cover everything from surveillance and tracing to polygraphs, and a full listing is available on their website. The key to their service is that it is a “bespoke” one, tailored to the client. Bluemoon pride themselves in offering a discrete, confidential and professional service, and operate by a strict code of ethics.

If you would like more information – please contact Bluemoon on 01 2311033 or /

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