Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Background Screening

How many businesses in Ireland conduct background screening of new employee's? Well the statistics are simply not available, so we don't know. How many businesses should have a background screening policy - well that's easy to answer, every business should have one! The reasons are compelling:

  • Employee theft is at an all time high
  • Identity theft continues to be a concerning issue
  • It is estimated that between 40% and 60% of applicants simply lie or misrepresent their backgrounds on their CV's
  • Fake degrees are very easy to acquire

As an employer you need to be making well informed decisions when recruiting new staff. Bluemoon can help with background screening, please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Are you unwittingly creating an Environment for Embezzlement?

In the previous post, we listed the main motivations for fraud. However there needs to also be 'the opportunity' for fraud and embezzlement to be carried out. Opportunity is created when there is either an absence or weaknesses in internal control. The following factors enhance the probability of employee committing fraud or embezzlement.

  • Inadequate rewards
  • Inadequate internal controls
  • No separartion of duties or audit trails
  • Ambiguity in job roles, duties, responsibilities, and areas of accountability
  • Failure to counsel and take administrative action when performance levels or personal behaviours fall below acceptable levels
  • Inadequate operational reviews, lack of timely or periodic audits, inspections, and follow-up to ensure compliance with company goals, priorities, policies, procedures, and governmental regulations
  • Inadequate training on legal, ethical and security issues
  • Inadequate company policies
  • Failure to monitor and enforce policies on honesty and loyalty

Adapted from; Corporate Crime Investigation; Bologna & Shaw

As an employer, do you suspect you are the victim of fraud and/or embezzlement. If so feel free to contact Bluemoon Investigations, in total confidence, for a free no obligation consultation.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reasons for Fraud in the workplace

A study revealed that the motivations of the perpetrators of occupational frauds and abuses were as follows:

  1. Living beyond their means
  2. An overwhelming desire for personal gain
  3. High personal debt
  4. A close association with customers
  5. Feeling pay was not commensurate with responsibility
  6. A wheeler-dealer attitude
  7. Strong challenge to beat the system
  8. Excessive gambling habits
  9. Undue family or peer pressure

Source; Detering fraud; The Internal Auditor's Perspective:Albrecht;Howe:Romney

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Signs of a Cheating Partner

There are many why your partner may be unfaithful. Here are some of the reasons why a partner C.H.E.A.T.S

C- Close/ dependency on someone else. Your partner may become close to someone, often a work colleague. They may feel they are not getting enough attention at home and may even believe their actions are justified. At Bluemoon we have come across many situations where men have cheated shortly after the arrival of a new baby.

H – Hedging bets. Perhaps your partner believes your relationship is about to end and they embark on their ‘next’ relationship.

E -Emotional distance from partner , lack of trust. Where this exists in a relationship there can be a lack of motivation to resolve problems, this may lead to your partner cheating.

A- Attracted. Your partner may cheat because they are attracted to someone else

T- The opportunity. There may not be a major problem with your relationship, your partner may cheat simply because they do not believe they will get caught or that you will find out.

S-Substances. The use of alcohol or drugs may be a contributory factor in your partner cheating.

Word of advice

Always trust your intuition if you feel there is something amiss and that your partner could be cheating, - then you are probably right. If you are in this situation, Bluemoon can help you. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation