Friday, May 28, 2010

Has the fairytale come to an end?

Recent coverage in the media would suggest that there’s no such thing as a “fairytale” marriage, and moreover, that even the most, seemingly “solid” relationships can hit the skids...

There are those of us (collectively known as “cynics”), who consider the idea of any relationship being so idyllic as to be akin to a story-book romance totally unbelievable.

However, for many believers of the celebrity love-story, the recent tales of woe serve as a rude awakening.

Within the last week, the apparently “squeaky clean” Boyzone-frontman, Ronan Keating, hit the headlines following his wife, Yvonne’s discovery of some very questionable texts. So questionable were these mobile communications, Yvonne “booted Ronan out” (to quote one particular red-top). It seems that this will be another case of “irreconcilable differences”!

In the less-surprising stakes, soon-to-be Ms. Cheryl Tweedy (again) has just filed for divorce from her cheating hubby, Ashley Cole. Whilst they did not have the happiest union, Cheryl did seem to want to fight for their love (ahem)... however Mrs. Cole had enough when bad-boy Ashley didn’t seem to want to repay the favour and stick with just the one woman.

So, given the regularity with which these similar scenarios appear to play out, is there anyone out there with advice for those of us fearing the worst about our partners?

Annie Murphy of Bluemoon Investigations is well-acquainted with those who fear their partner has cheated, “often, it’s just a sense the person has – a gut-feeling”. Annie advises that this “gut feeling” or intuition is not often wrong “we get a lot of phone-calls from women who just know that something is not right – patterns of behaviour have changed – that sort of thing. They’re often concerned about not wanting to get themselves or others, especially children, caught up in the situation, so will contact us for assistance.”

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